Albir, Alfaz del Pi & La Nucia

Albir, Alfaz del Pi & La Nucia

Alfas del Pi / Albir

L’Alfás, which in Arabic means “fertile soil”, was historically a gift from the Baron of Polop. The place has a long history and has been home to many cultures. An archaeological finds on Albir beach has confirmed that the Romans were here. In the fourteenth century Jaime conquered the city. The city center was placed a bit further into the country to be better defended against barbaric pirates.

The population increased much during the eighteenth century. 1786 residents planted a large pine tree in the middle of the square as a symbol of freeing themselves from Polop. L’Alfas del Pi was in 1836 declared a separate municipality.

Grapes, olives, oranges, lemons, almonds and figs have been the livelihood of peasants during several hundred years.
In the early twentieth century the vineyards were destroyed grape lice, but today it manufactures and bottles Vinos de Mendoza in the area. Because of this disaster in around 1960 Alfas began to invest in tourism.
Today LÁlfas del Pi, which is approximately 19 km² has 19 million inhabitants of which half are immigrants from several different countries.

It also has many tourists visiting  throughout the year. The wonderful climate and stunning scenery makes the area very attractive. One can also experience the very cultural, inter alia, a festival organized every summer, where famous actor’s who performed here have had their names engraved in the floor tiles of the promenade.

La Nucia

La Nucia is a bit inland, 226 m above sea level, northwest of Alfas del Pi and Altea. The city is surrounded by mountains La Aixorta and Aitana which also protects against the cold wind in winter.
Nature in La Nucia is incredibly beautiful with mountains covered with green pines and fruit trees.
The approximately 11,000 residents, both Spaniards and foreigners, are spread over almost 70 urbanisations around the city.

In the northern part of the city is the old town. This is the place to go and get some of the serenity, views and beautiful little streets.
On Sundays there is this region’s largest flea market.
La Nucia has a fantastic sports area with gyms, swimming pools and playing fields of various types, La Nucia has been voted as the Sports Town of Europe and of Spain.